Police: Man opened fire inside popular Downtown Atlanta restaurant

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It was a gun battle that spilled out of a popular downtown restaurant into the streets near the Georgia State University campus. Two people were arrested and a third man was identified, but police are trying to find out the identity of a fourth man. Investigators are hoping newly released video will help them.

It started at J.R. Crickets located at 57 Forsyth Street NW on the evening of February 24. Atlanta Police said three gunmen were involved in an argument which escalated into each man pulling a gun and firing at each other. Bullet casings littered the sidewalk in a trail which followed the running gun battle out into the streets of Downtown Atlanta.

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Investigators said, a fourth man also drew a gun inside the restaurant and fired several shots, but ended up hitting an innocent man. That man can be seen on the ground in the video just to the right and behind the man who police want to find. Police said they plan to charge the man for the shooting.

Police said they have taken Andre Dalyrimple and Magrell Thurman into custody for the shooting.

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Investigators said all four shooting victims are expected to recover.

The shooting did not involve any students or staff from Georgia State University.

Anyone with information as to the identity of the man seen in the video or have any tips on the shooting can call Atlanta Police or Atlanta Crime Stoppers.