Police: Man killed, husband tied up in home invasion

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A man is dead after robbers invade his stone mountain home. His husband survived but was tied up in a closet for hours, according to Stone Mountain Police.

But what the robbers may not have known is the homeowner had just installed cameras a few days earlier. Police hope the video will help someone identify these men. 

Police say the robbers didn't rush in and out but instead stayed there for an hour and a half. And right now, it appears all they took were TVs.

Theodore Moore was shot and killed by home invaders, according to police.

"He was so nice and sweet. I don't know why anybody would want to hurt him that way," said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Police say Moore was walking the dog when he was forced into his home. According to the incident report, he yelled to his husband, "Baby get my bat."

That's when his husband heard two shots.

Sgt. Manuel Norrington says the husband was tied up and the invaders demanded where the money was. They ransacked the house for an hour and a half before leaving.

The report states the husband was told by one of the men they'd been following them for two days. We also learned that September 9th someone tried to break in the house, which is why the homeowner installed cameras.

Police can't say if the two incidents are related, but say they think whoever did this is nearby.

Some of the neighborhood feel the story is still not adding up, and want justice for Moore.

Police say they've never seen suspects stay in a home so long. The home invasion happened at 9:45 and police weren't called until 1 a.m.

The surviving husband remained in the closet until he felt it safe to run to a neighbors house for help.

If you recognize the men please call the police.