Police: Man arrest at Atlanta's airport a day after release from prison

Authorities said that Richard Parham is in trouble again, one day after he was released from a state facility. And in one of the new offenses, he is accused of committing is the same one which landed him in trouble in the first place-- a purse snatching.

Atlanta airport police said Parham wound up at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport after being released. He allegedly watched as a ride-share driver dropped off a passenger. Authorities said he then ran to get behind the wheel, but with the help of some bystanders, that driver physically removed Parham from his car.

Police said the 37-year-old’s evening of crime did not end there. While on the run, airport officers said he mugged a female traveler, grabbing her purse. Parham then tried to hide according to police but was picked up while laying down in the bed of a pickup.

Parham was transported to the Clayton County Jail after his one day of freedom.