Police: Driver hits man, threatens him with machete

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A man walking down the street with his dog in Coweta County experienced a terrifying moment when a car came flying over the curb and smashed into him. Then police said the driver turned around and came back, getting out his car while holding a machete.

Coweta County Sheriff’s deputies say home surveillance video captured the attack from across the street. They say the footage shows the victim, 57-year-old Daniel Duhin walking down the street past  driver Peter Wood's family home.

A witness walking his dog behind Duhin told deputies that when he and Duhin saw Wood coming down the street, they stepped up into his yard to get off the street.  

He said that’s when Wood drove up into the yard and hit Duhin with car, knocking him to the ground. His dog ran off uninjured.

The video then shows Wood coming back down the street after the two men, driving up into the yard again as they struggled to get out of the way.

Deputies say Wood then stopped his car and got out with a machete in his hand. 

A relative from inside the house came out and kept Woods from attacking the men with the machete, officials said.

Wood has been arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

Deputies say the are unsure what sparked the attack. They say at first they thought that Wood was angry at seeing Duhin in his yard with his dog, but now they say say that was not the case. 

Wood is currently at the Coweta County jail without bond.