Police: Cousins charged with cashing bad checks

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Fraud detectives from the Conyers Police Department spent Tuesday afternoon combing through a silver Dodge Challenger for evidence several crimes. They impounded the car Monday after Sgt. Kim Lucas arrested Joe Poramo and his cousin Baridakara Sigalo for allegedly trying to cash bad money orders.

"This is not their first time doing this. They've done it several times successfully before until they got caught," said Sgt. Lucas.

The Conyers police sergeant was at the post office on Green Street Monday afternoon to mail a package when a postal employee got her attention.

“Unbeknownst to me, there was a man of a couple of feet in front of me who had just try to cash to money orders that have already been cashed before. One of the postal employees passed me a note telling me that just happened and that he was still inside the post office," Lucas told FOX 5's Portia Bruner.

Sergeant Lucas followed Poramo as he hopped into the passenger seat of to the Dodge. She said the driver, Sigalo, stopped when she flashed her blue lights, but she said she arrested both cousins after they offered conflicting stories about what officers reportedly found inside the vehicle--reported stolen two months ago from South Carolina.

"There was marijuana inside the car, several money orders, lots of receipts and other documentation from previously purchased money orders, and lots of Visas and MasterCards and other debit cards in other people's names. We also found a fake ID out of Texas with the driver's real name on the front. When you're dealing with drugs and guns and stolen cars, he’s got to take a closer look and see what else is going on here," said Sergeant Lucas, who's been with the Conyers Police Department 14 years.

Lucas said both young men are college students who remain behind bars at the Rockdale County Jail.