Police: Couple uses children to commit crime

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It's a crime so shocking it's left the Lilburn Police Department shaking their heads.

"We are dismayed to see this," Lilburn Police Captain Scott Bennett said.

Lilburn Police released surveillance video of what appears to be a family of six including four young girls committing a crime in the middle of broad daylight.

Police say on July 4 around 7:30 p.m. at a Walmart off Lawrenceville Highway, cameras caught a man, a woman and who appears to be their four young girls stealing more than 50 used batteries from a locked cage outside the store.

"To see children used in in this manner is sad," Captain Bennett said.

Captain Bennett pointed at specific moments in the video to FOX 5 like the moment when the four girls pull on the cage to help get it open.

"They were all actively involved," Captain Bennett said. "There's also a moment when the youngest of the family is seen dragging batteries, and those are heavy batteries."

Police have identified the man in the video as Dino Vlado.

"We still need help identifying the woman," Captain Bennett said. "She will be facing charges as well.