Police: car thief targets women, poses as victims

Agencies throughout Floyd County are searching for a female car thief who they suspect targets women drivers, scouring vehicles for purses and wallets in order to steal their personal information and identities. 

Floyd County and Rome Police said the woman, seen in surveillance provided by police at various stores and banks, has used the female victims' ID, cards and checks to make purchases and even withdraw $5,000 from a local bank, posing as the victim. 

"She may even try to alter herself to make her look more like the picture... trying to pass herself off as the person on the card," said Sgt. William Wacker with Floyd County Police. Police said cashiers at the stores have not been able to easily flag the suspect in the surveillance because of her unassuming look and possible disguise to match the victims' ID cards. Investigators said it's possible the woman has altered the ID cards as well. 

Rome and Floyd County investigators said the woman has targeted vehicles at a local tennis court in the city of Rome and the Etowah Park recreation center in Floyd County. At least one of the women was there watching her child at practice, and some of the victims inadvertently left their cars open, police said.

"Makes you think twice about putting your purse in your car," one woman said.

The woman is wanted on entering auto charges and felony charges for various financial fraud crimes. 

 Investigators said they hope to quickly identify the suspect. Tipsters can contact Rome Police detectives at (706) 238-5129 or Floyd County Police investigators at (706) 314-0756.