Police believe deadly shooting was failed carjacking

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New surveillance footage has been released of three men who police said gunned down a woman waiting in a fast-food drive-thru Friday. That woman was shot and killed, sending her car rolling through a parking lot where it eventually collided with another vehicle outside a Kroger grocery store.

Atlanta Police said 35-year-old LaVonda Finklea, was found inside her car at the Kroger parking lot at the 2600 block of Metropolitan Parkway around 10:30 p.m. Friday.

Monday, police told FOX 5 News this cold-blooded murder was little more than a failed carjacking attempt. Investigators released video of a camera near the shooting and believe there could be more images of this trio out there.

The images released Monday show the three men with their hoods down, walking in a parking lot. Moments later, the same three appear to race back through, but this time with their hoods on. Investigators believe they may know something about a horrific crime that ended in Finklea's death.

FOX 5 News was on scene as detectives combed the area and suspected the actual shooting happened elsewhere.

“There are more cameras around burger king and we also found a shell casing that may or may not be related to this incident,” said Lt. Andrea Webster, Atlanta Police Department.

Police believe a group of men tried to carjack Finklea outside the Burger King and when she resisted, they shot her.

Police hope to find whoever is behind the homicide and they're starting by seeking the public's help in identifying the group in this surveillance video.

“We are pulling nearby video from business cameras we will rely on those to give us more information,” said Webster.

Police are asking anybody with information on the case to call Crime Stoppers Atlanta.

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