Police: 19 young people steal 19 vehicles

Nineteen young people go onto an auto auction yard and steal nineteen vehicles. 

How did it happen? The auto yard is massive with several gates manned by security guards. It is owned by Manheim, which has several locations. The one hit in the very early hours of the morning is located on Campbellton Road in Fulton County.

One of the nineteen drew a gun, aimed it at one of the guards and froze him.

Sgt. Maureen Smith said the young people quickly dispersed and jumped into various high-end vehicles. Once they had access it was easy. It is standard for the company to leave the keys in the vehicles. It just so happens the police public information officer worked for the company at one point.

Not everything went smoothly for the thieves. In a hurry to leave the South Fulton area, two of the drivers had a wreck, damaging brand new cars. 

Julie Shipp, who works for Manheim, said the company is cooperating fully with law enforcement. She added there are measures at the lots to protect employees as well as customers who make frequent trips to lawfully pick up their vehicles.

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