Plans to demolish Maynard Jackson's childhood home put on hold

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Plans to demolish the childhood home of Atlanta's first black mayor are now on hold.

Last week, the King Center recommended tearing down Maynard Jackson's childhood home after officials called it structurally unsound.

But neighbors on Sunset Avenue say they support a plan to delay the demolition of the apartment building.

"The buildings, the houses, the churches, the schools – they tell stories," said John Lewis of the Vine City Civic Association.

He first spoke out against the King Center's plan to tear down the building last week.

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In a statement, Dr. Bernice King says her family moved into the house in 1965, years after the Jackson family moved out of the apartment building next door. She says she was unaware of the connection

"It goes along with it being next to the King house in this neighborhood ... and it is Maynard Jackson," neighbor Glenna Tyler said. "The airport is named after Maynard Jackson! I think that is a good thing."

King says in the spirit of nonviolence, it was important to learn of the site's history, meet with community members, and give Vine City stakeholders time to acquire and preserve the property if possible.

Lewis and other officials plan to meet again this week. After that, he hopes to release more information about the site's future.