Pizza delivery driver shot in south Minneapolis, critically injured

A pizza delivery driver is in critical condition at the hospital after he was shot on the way back from a delivery early Saturday morning in Minneapolis.

Winding down his Saturday morning shift at Dulono’s Pizza, 30-year-old Andrew Gryskiewicz left the W. Lake Street Restaurant at 2:50 a.m.; his final three deliveries in tow.

“They were all regular customers who’ve ordered before,” Jared Gruett, Dulano’s Pizza owner, told Fox 9.

“Dulono’s has been delivering until 3 a.m. for 60 years and the reality is this is the first time something this serious has happened,” said Gruett.

Neither Gruett or his employee were ready for what happened shortly after the driver’s last delivery.

Gryskiewicz’s final stop was at 31st and Park.

“Sometime after that third delivery he was shot by somebody, attempted to rob him, carjack him or both,” said Gruett.

The crime happened somewhere between 31st and Park and 31st and 3rd Avenue in South Minneapolis.

“Maybe at an intersection, at a stoplight,” said Gruett.

“He was shot once; the bullet entered his left shoulder traveled downward at an angle, through his chest, through his lung and part of his heart,” he said.

That’s why Gryskiewicz’s boss calls his survival nothing short of a miracle.

A miracle Gruett believes has everything to do with a bicyclist who stopped when he saw Gryskiewicz slumped over his steering wheel and alerted someone in the area to call 911 right away.

“He had minutes to live,” Gryskiewicz’ father, Duffy Boeser, later agreed.

“It’s still in his body, it’s in his liver,” Boeser informed of his son, who remains in critical condition at HCMC, but is responsive, even recalling hazy details of the Saturday morning attack on his life.

Minneapolis Police corroborated both Gruett’s and Boeser’s account of what happened to the young pizza delivery driver early that morning.

“We’re really looking for witnesses to come forward,” said Minneapolis Public Information Officer Corey Schmidt.

A team of investigators are now working on Gryskiewicz’s case.

“No matter how small the information is they may have, it might be something that could break the case wide open,” said Schmidt.

Meanwhile, Boeser prays for Gryskiewicz’s full recovery.

“The bullet did a lot of damage,” said Boeser.

Boeser also prays the person who nearly killed his son doesn’t hurt anyone else.

“This is an extremely dangerous person, if he can shoot a guy like Andrew, who’s about as non-confrontational as it gets, he would shoot, me or you, or him or anybody else in a minute. We have to get this guy off the street,” Boeser told FOX 9 with conviction.

Minneapolis Police urge anyone with information to call (612) 694-TIPS (8477).

Gruett plans to host a fundraiser to support Gryskiewicz’s recovery and plans to announce details on the Dulano’s Pizza Facebook page soon. If you’d like to support Gryskiewicz click here.