Pediatric dentist charged in road rage shooting

Authorities say a pediatric dentist started a road rage incident that escalated into gunplay in Newnan.

Dr. Lona Bibbs has been slapped with various charges including aggravated assault.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Coweta County sheriff says the doctor -- driving a large Cadillac -- brake checked a motorist in a small vehicle. That motorist pulled off the interstate and went on her way.

But in a second car, the driver saw what was happening and tried to warn the doctor to stop her aggressive driving, according to investigator Jacob Herbert.

Dr. Bibbs watched where the motorist went to -- a shopping center in Newnan. Herbert says the doctor called her husband who showed up in his own car packing a firearm.

The couple allegedly confronted the driver who had issued the warning. She is a female and words between her and the doctor erupted into a fistfight.

The doctor's husband -- a man named Keith Walker -- drew his gun. But a man in the other vehicle also had a weapon and fired on Walker. The doctor's husband was hit one time.

In a home video, you can see emergency personnel attending to Walker while nervous shopkeepers tugged on their doors to keep them closed.

Walker will survive his injuries. Authorities expect to slap him with criminal charges on top of what they have already placed on Dr. Bibbs.