Peachtree City officers credited with saving life of overdosing man

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Three Peachtree City Police officers are being hailed heroes after they saved a man who had overdosed on opioids. The victim had no heart beat and was not breathing. The dramatic rescue was captured on the officers’ body cameras.

Police in Peachtree City said the heroic actions of their officers saved a life because they were trained and equipped to handle a drug-overdose emergency. It is proof that no community immune from the opioid epidemic.

Narcan is a drug that can reverse the harmful effects of an opioid overdose. In the case of this rescue in Peachtree City this past week, the drug alone was not enough. Lifesaving intervention included Narcan and CPR which combined brought the man back to life.

“I think they did amazing,” said Lt. Odilia Bergh of the Peachtree City Police Department.

Police said the man was at a Days Inn on Crosstown Boulevard in Peachtree City. When police arrived to what was a medical call for help, they jumped into action, starting CPR, preparing an AED, and administering Narcan when they realized the circumstances were pointing to a possible drug overdose.

“Initially, they weren’t sure. The great thing about Narcan is if you don’t need it, it’s not going to hurt you.  The moment that they started asking investigatory questions, nothing made sense.  So, the officers wanted to make sure they took all precautions,” Bergh said.

Police said it was the right call. The man had overdosed. After just a few short minutes their efforts paid off in saving the man’s life.

Like many police departments in metro Atlanta, Peachtree City officers carry Narcan as well as an AED. Police officers are often the first to arrive at a medical emergency. Their quick intervention is saving lives.

As for the overdose, police said a further investigation identified the place where the man had bought the drugs and they made arrests of the people responsible for selling them.