One for all and all for one! Three Pup-keteers in need of a forever home

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Courtesy: Gwinnett County Animal Shelter 45701

The term friends for life is taking on a whole new meaning for three special dogs at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter. The unlikely trio came in just a few days after the Fourth of July after being rescued by an elderly couple. They were skinny, mangy and loyally bonded to each other. 

The couple had originally found the threesome wandering their neighborhood but were only able to capture the two male pit bulls. So they put them in their fenced in yard, and gave them food and water. However it wasn't long before the dogs escaped, but to everyone surprise, they returned a few hours later with their smaller Chihuahua counterpart in tow. It appeared the group instinctively knew the elderly couple were kind and loving people, and this was a safe haven. 

Unfortunately the couple did not have the resources to take in three dogs and did not want to split up the "Three Pup-keeters" since they so obviously wanted to be together. So they turned to the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter to ensure all three got proper medical care and a chance for a forever home that they could ALL share. 

But this happy story does have a time limit. Because of shelter overcrowding, the "Three Pup-keteers" are now in danger of being put down. So friends for life could be a life-long bond that doesn't last for much longer, if they're not adopted by July 16. 

If you want to help these bonded dogs stay together and open up your home to the "Three Pup-keeeters" you are encouraged to call the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter at 770-339-3200. The pups ID#'s are 45699, 45700, 45701