Officials: Students face charges after having sex at high school

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Two students now face charges after officials say they skipped class to have sex in a secluded area of the school.

Officials say the two Archer High School students engaged in sexual activity during the school day, in an area of the building that janitors use. Another student shot video from their phone and sent it to classmates.

That video of the sexual act has gone viral and all three students, including the videographer, face disciplinary action.

"The two students who were actually doing the act have been charged criminally with public indecency and the person who video and shared it is facing disciplinary action as well," said Sloan Roach, spokeswoman for Gwinnett County Schools.

A school shooting threat at Archer Wednesday came on the heels of Monday's sexual encounter and sent parents rushing to the school.

"I am appalled. That's why I came up here because my understanding this is not the first time," parent Eric Bell said. 

"I just got an email and it stated that there were two kids caught having sex in an isolated area where there is an elevator," parent Ana Rodriguez said.

Another parent told FOX 5 that they were going to homeschool their child after these events.