Officials: Road rage leads to deadly shootout

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Police say one man has been killed after a deadly shootout between drivers in Clayton County.

And officials think that road rage may have been the reason for the violence.

The shooting happened at the intersection of Highway 42 and Lake Harbin Road on Saturday afternoon.

Investigators say the victim, 34-year-old Zachery Everett of Rex, Ga., and another driver were stopped at a red light at the intersection when they "became engaged in a heated exchange of words."

During the exchange, officials say that Everett left his car, approached the other vehicle, and eventually pulled out a weapon and began firing at the other driver.

The other driver then returned fire in self-defense, hitting Everett, police said.

Everett was transported to the hospital, where he later died.

According to witnesses, Everett's father was in the car directly behind his son when the shooting happened. 

"He had some relatives behind him, actually his father, that was following him," a witness who declined to be identified said. "The daddy was just behind the son. He saw everything. What a sad situation."

Police say that no charges will be filed in the case due to the other driver acting in self-defense.