Officials break up Troup County dog fighting ring

An anonymous tip leads authorities to a suspected dog fighting ring in Troup County. Officers said they seized a dozen dogs from two different properties. The man behind the operation is facing several charges and is on the run.

The dog fighting investigation began with an anonymous tip, something the Troup County marshals said they take very seriously. Marshals seized 12 dogs from two different properties. The living conditions were hellish.

“No food, no water. They were undernourished and you could tell that they had been fighting dogs, old scarrings and new scarrings on them,” said Troup County Mashall Chief Lonza Edmonson.

Marshal also seized a treadmill used to keep the fighting dogs fit for the ring.

The search for Travis Cameron, 31, who according to state records is also currently on probation for the sale and distribution of cocaine, but that’s not surprising to the marshals.

“Usually pit bullfighting leads to other crimes, gambling, drugs, firearms, so you really don't know what you are going into when you are going into these situations,” said Troup County Marshall Lisa Lindsey.

The dogs are now at the Troup County Animal Shelter. They will be working with rescue groups to see if they are capable of being adopted.

“Usually LaGrange Animal Control will put them through a variety of tests to see how they are with animals and other people, and based on the findings of the test they will determine the outcome for where the dogs will go,” said Lindsey.

Meanwhile, Cameron is facing very serious charges.

“We have got 12 counts of dog fighting charges pending and 12 counts of aggravated cruelty to animals,” said Chief Edmonson.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Travis Cameron is asked to call the Troup County Marshal’s Office.

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