NY police say they’ve captured ‘It’ in Facebook post showing Pennywise the clown in back of cruiser

Police in New York announced on Facebook that residents can rest easy knowing a key suspect in a fictional series of grizzly murders and child abductions has been captured: The ancient cosmic being otherwise known as Pennywise the clown, or “It.”

The murderous inter-dimensional entity which takes the form of a creepy clown was first depicted in Stephen King’s horror novel “It” and was the subject of a hilarious Facebook post by the Cheektowaga Police Department, which posted a photo of the nefarious clown’s face in the back of one of their police cruisers with a red balloon floating above.

Dozens of people commented on the post thanking the department. 

“What about Chucky,” one person wrote. “He is still on the loose!!” Responded Cheektowaga police, jokingly. “Maybe next year!!”