Numbers show surge in number of coronavirus cases in Georgia

The state of Georgia approached 66,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus as of Monday. 

Numbers from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention showed there were 7,900 new cases reported in the last seven days. 

The Georiga Department of Public Health attributed the increase to the fact that more people are out and about and widespread testing across the state. 

The state broke a record on Saturday with 1,800 new confirmed cases, the largest number of positive cases reported in a single day.

There were just over 24,000 coronavirus tests administered that day throughout the state, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, which was the highest number of tests administered in one day so far in the month of June. The numbers indicate 7.4 percent of those tested for the virus were confirmed positive. 

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By comparison, there were a record-breaking 31,500 tests administered on May 25. Of those, 506 people, or 1.6 percent, tested positive. 

"The numbers are proving there's an increase. Every time I go on the CDC website. These are not fictitious figures or people that I'm talking about," said Democratic State Representative Debra Bazemore. 

 Bazemore and her colleagues in the coronavirus subcommittee have been tracking activity in the state for months. 

She said the recent surge in cases indicates things are not over yet. 

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She says it's concerning to see the 18-29 age group have the most cases in the state.

Bazemore also says there is a population that is seeing an increase but not getting much attention. 

"Our children, from 0-17 were having more and more cases every single day. That was really concerning to me," Bazemore said. 

She said it's concerning to hear about schools planning for reopening and children going back to activities like contact sports. 

The Department of Public Health shows there are more than 3,300 people under the age of 17 have been diagnosed with the virus. 

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