NRA president pushes for arming teachers: Metro Atlanta students, parents react

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The topic of guns in schools was reignited this week by the Colorado high school shooting Tuesday. The new president of the NRA, a Cobb County residents, said she’s all for arming teachers. Carolyn Meadows was recently quoted saying, “I believe in arming teachers... I'd love to have a sign out front: 'We have gun toting teachers and security.' [mass shooters] go where the people are weak."

FOX 5 News spoke to Marietta High School senior Calvin Rausch. Rausch said Tuesday’s shooting which left one student dead and eight injured is fresh on her mind. But, she said while the reality of guns in her schools is terrifying, she doesn’t want people at her school carrying.

"I would rather restrict gun laws to the general population than continue to supply them to a place where I think they are used more often than they should be,” said Rausch.

FOX 5 News spoke to another woman who did not want to be named. She works in an area school system and said not only does she think there should be guns in the proper hands-on campuses, but she would also be happy to be one of the ones carrying.

"I know everybody panics because they don't think teachers are qualified well they would probably be surprised at how many teachers are gun owners that are in those buildings that know how to use a weapon correctly and with safety,” said the woman.

She said safety is the key. Those who would carry would be trained extensively.