Not all heroes wear capes: Firefighter mows lawn of patient treated for medical emergency

Indiana firefighters went beyond the call of duty when they were dispatched to a medical emergency and finished the job with some landscaping work on Friday.

After EMS personnel treated the patient, firefighter E. Porter, a senior in High School, finished the job by mowing the patient’s lawn.

The McCutchanville Fire Department posted a picture on Facebook of Porter going above and beyond, saying, “Firefighter E. Porter finished mowing the lawn so that was one less worry when the homeowner returned home.”

The Facebook post has since garnered over a thousand likes and comments praising the firefighter’s selfless actions.

One person commented, “What an unselfish act of kindness. God bless.”

"We never imagined this photo would touch so many hearts near and far," says Lieutenant Crystal Elliott of The McCutchanville Fire Department.

"We are proud to call Ethan one of our own and hope his act of kindness makes a ripple effect wherever this story lands."