Newnan police using new non-lethal device to help end situations sooner

Police have a new law enforcement tool that they say will help them safely make an arrest before there’s a struggle.

The Bola a string fired from a device that wraps around a person’s legs or torso.

You’re likely to hear a new phrase in law enforcement stories. It might be something like: “He got wrapped” or “The police wrapped him.”

Here’s how a scenario might go, there’s the suspect. In this training exercise a mannequin, in place of a person who is under arrest but won’t cooperate with the officer’s command. The officer might decide to use the Bola Wrap

The device can be fired to wrap around a person’s legs or torso. It’s an effort to quickly de-escalate a situation before it becomes dangerous for everyone.

The device consists of two of these four-pronged barbs connected by a Kevlar string. It is deployed from a cartridge.

The Newnan Police Department bought the device for its officers. According to the company, a number of metro Atlanta police departments are also considering it.

Police say it gives the officer another non-lethal option. It’s not for every situation nor does it take the place of any other option.

The Newnan Police Department has purchased 16 of the devices. They are training now and writing the rules and the protocols. They say they will have them on the streets soon.