New video: APD officer and suspect engaged in physical altercation

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A violent confrontation between an Atlanta Police Officer, a man, and his mom has gone viral.

Atlanta Police officials confirm the recorded incident occurred on July 9th in the 1500 block of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard between an APD sergeant, 36-year-old Harold Barnwell and 53-year-old Jennifer Barnwell.

Police tell FOX 5 the incident started at the end of a police chase when the driver of that car abandoned the vehicle and ran off.

Police say the video shows Harold Barnwell and other bystanders appearing to take items out of the car.

According to the police report, Barnwell dropped a red satchel and walked away after the sergeant ordered him to drop it.

That's when the video shows the situation quickly escalates.

The police report states that Harold Barnwell refused the sergeant's commands after he allegedly caught the man stealing items from a car involved in a police pursuit.

According to the sergeant’s police report, "The officer noticed Mr. Barnwell leaning into the red Dodge Charger. I then witnessed Mr. Barnwell exit the vehicle with what I later identified as a red satchel. I gave Mr. Barnwell the order to drop the bag. He dropped the bag immediately. I picked up the exact red satchel that Mr. Barnwell removed from the car and dropped on the ground. I looked inside and observed several bags of raw marijuana. "

The sergeant went on to write in the police report that "Ms. Barnwell refused to move from in between myself and Mr. Barnwell after given commands to step out of the way. I then hand checked Ms. Barnwell, placing my left hand on her upper torso and moving her out of the way to give me a clear Taser shot on Mr. Barnwell. I tazed (sic) Mr. Barnwell.”

The video shows the sergeant and Mr. Barnwell in a boxer's stance, at times exchanging blows before back up arrived and officers took Mr. Barnwell into custody.

Atlanta Police Public Affairs Director Carlos Campos released a written statement Wednesday about the incident.

Campos wrote, "We are aware of the video and the complaint filed with our Office of Professional Standards. We will investigate the matter and take appropriate action if it is determined any departmental policies or procedures were not followed."

According to the police report, officers charged Harold Barnwell with possession of marijuana and obstruction, and Jennifer Barnwell with obstruction.

The Barnwells have filed a formal complaint about the incident, and have hired an attorney.