New chalk drawings at Emory University

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A new collection of chalkings has turned up at Emory University. Unlike the first round earlier in the week these chalks included all the candidates.

“We drew the Trump head. We drew Bernie. We drew Hillary. We drew Cruz,” said Alex Reibman.



Reibman is with a First Amendment advocacy student group. He said he doesn't support Trump but does support Trump supporters and everyone else's right to freely express themselves.

“We feel that there needs to be more protection of free speech and more public dialogue going on,” said Reibman.

Muslim student Farina Wauresz was not part of the group, but does understand their concerns.

“Everyone is talking about how they're allowed to write Trump everywhere because it's the first amendment, but it's also our right to speak out against that and say we're not OK with that and we feel hurt by that,” said Wauresz.

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Alex Reibman showed FOX 5's George Franco a chalking he said was written by the University President which said 'Emory stands for free expression."

He said he encourages all sides to participate in freely expressing themselves especially when the message includes the word ‘Trump”.


“Talking about Trump is a hard idea. We need to be able to be able to talk about it as much as we can," said Riebman.

A spokesperson for the university told FOX 5 News an earlier report about funds being released for emergency counseling for any student who felt threatened by the Trump messages was taken out of context. She said counseling is available to everyone who may need it for any reason.