Moviegoers warned to check bank cards for fraud

Thousands of customers who have attended a movie and had dinner at the Studio Movie Grill in Gwinnett County have been warned to check their bank card for fraudulent activity. Police said hundreds of peoples' credit card information was stolen by a server and a former employee.

23-year-old Tiffany Webb, who had been employed as a server, was arrested by Gwinnett Police. Authorities said she coordinated with former employee Ricardo Montanez Blalock, 26, to steal people's credit card information through a bank card skimmer. Blalock is still on the loose.

[Tiffany Webb] has been working at that Studio Movie Grill since May of this year. We think during that timeframe, she's had access to hundreds of credit cards," said Corporal Michele Pihera. Police said Webb was given $1,000 a week by Blalock in exchange for the credit card data of the customers she serviced as a waitress, and would provide that information after the end of every shift. 

Eight victims reported up to hundreds of dollars stolen on their bank accounts, shortly after dining at Studio Movie Grill on Venture Drive; some victims had even dined and watched a movie together.

Police said the bank skimmer used by Webb could store information on up to 8,000 credit cards.

Gwinnett Police asks the thousands of patrons to come forward to police if they believe they have been a victim of bank fraud. 

Police also advise people to ask their banks to cancel their cards immediately, and issue them a new card with a new ATM PIN.