Mother of Alcovy High School students speaks about arrest

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A second Alcovy High School parent is speaking out about a controversial incident caught on camera. She said she wants justice for her son after he was arrested and suspended when students were trying to get candy from an unlocked vending machine.

Cellphone video shows the chaos when at least two school resources officers started handcuffing students after some teachers could not stop them from going after the candy, last Thursday.

Parent Sophia Wallace believes the officers targeted her son because he was holding an old Skittles wrapper.

“I want justice, that was uncalled for. There was no fight, there was no gun, we are talking candy here,” Wallace complained.

“He chocked me, then he let me go and choked me again. Next thing I knew he sprayed mace in both of my eyes,” 15-year old Keyerrius Reed.

Reed was charged with three crimes and suspended for 10 days. His mother said he must have a hearing before he can return to Alcovy High School.

“I will not let my son return there, I plan to withdraw all my kids,” Wallace lamented.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office said one of the officers on the cellphone video has been reassigned to another position pending the outcome of this investigation.

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