Mother Arrested after Cops Find Baby Alone in Car

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The 911 call came in Wednesday afternoon. A baby left in a car alone. Kennesaw Police raced to a shopping plaza on Cobb Parkway and found the boy's mother coming out of the store.

Police said when they began to question the mother; they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming out of the car. Investigators searched the vehicle and say they found marijuana. She was charged with drug possession and reckless conduct.

“Reckless conduct for the child being in the car while there was marijuana smoking,” said Officer Scott Luther with Kennesaw Police.

Officers also say the little boy did have a car seat, but was not secured properly.

“It was as if there was a halfhearted attempt to secure him in the seat, but he wasn't restrained properly, and that's another thing that drew the attention of our officers,” said Officer Luther.

Officers stayed with the little boy for close to an hour. Officer Ron Thomas held him in his arms, rocking him gently to comfort him. They were waiting or a family member to show up to take care of the child, but after about an hour, a social worker made the decision to turn the baby over to the custody of the Department of Family and Child Services.