More witnesses take the stand in Tex McIver murder trial

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A close friend of the McIver's told jurors Tex McIver had money on his mind in the hours and days after his wife's death. 

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Jay Grover is the Vice President of the Corey Company where Diane worked and a close friend of her for 40 years. Mr. Grover teared up and became emotional when he talked about getting the call from Tex that Daine was dead. 

"He said Daine...[clearing throat] may I have a bottle of water please...he said Daine's dead. And I said what? The only thing I recall after that were the words, car, and accident," Mr. Grover said.


The Vice President of Corey said Tex seemed to have money on his mind. On Tuesday, September 27th, the day after Daine's death, Mr. Grover says Tex McIver asked him if he thought he could get Dian's social security check. Mr. Grover said he told Mr. McIver he did not know the answer to that question. 

That same day Mr. Grover says he heard Tex ask Les Ball if he knew anyone in Oklahoma because he wanted to get on the board at Liberty Tobacco Company where he heard you could make $100,000 a year as a board member.

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Lastly, Mr. Grover told jurors Tex McIver called him on his cellphone. Mr. Grover said he put the phone on speaker option so others could hear the call, those others included Mr. Bill Corey, the owner of US Enterprises and Ken Ricker, General Counsel for US Enterprises and another employee of the company named Angie Brooks. 

Mr. Grover said McIver was finishing up a conversation about wanting to sell the Ford Expedition he shot Daine in, then he followed up with this. 

"I've got to run see my lawyers. They said I have f---up the case," Mr. Grover said to jurors. 

Then Mr. Grover asked him what's going on and Tex responded.

"It's about this newspaper article that just came out. He said this article with Bill Crane. He said there is nothing wrong with the article. Bill and I vetted the article and it is fine. I don't know what they are so upset about," Mr. Grover said. 

Mr. Grover concluded his testimony by saying he saw Tex McIver and massage therapist Annie Anderson at the family's Putnam County ranch a week after Diane's death and Annie had on Diane's boots. Mr. Grover said he knew Diane owned the boots because he and his fiance had bought them for Daine.