Millions of dollars' worth of marijuana found in record drug bust

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A traffic stop on Interstate 75 netted law enforcement one of the largest marijuana busts in Butts County history.

Sheriff Gary Long said the van was filled with edibles, cannabis oil, vapor pens, and candies all laced with THC.

The driver, suspect Justin Brooks, told deputies he flew in from Fort Meyers, Florida. Deputy Marcus Moultrie said Brooks was driving radically Tuesday evening around 7 p.m. southbound on Interstate 75 near Mike Marker 201.

"He told me he was moving, but he didn't have an Atlanta address," deputy Moultrie recalled.

Butts County Sheriff Gary Long said he know Atlanta is the central hub for the eastern seaboard for the drug cartels.

Interstate 75 has become a pipeline for illegal drugs, but even Butts County Deputy Moultrie had no idea what he was about to find inside the non-descript erratically driven van.

The sheriff said 32-year-old Brooks was behind the wheel, but it is what he allegedly had stashed in the van that has dropped so many jaws and broken Butt County records.

"In 23 years, this is the largest seizure of such that I have ever heard of or seen during a traffic stop, ever," Sheriff Long remarked.

Brooks did not cooperate with deputies and told them he was a milk courier. 

DEA was called in to help figure out where the drugs were headed in Florida.