Midtown Residents Wake Up To Find Glass ‘Everywhere'

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Midtown residents woke up early Sunday morning to find glass "everywhere". Thieves apparently relocated from Buckhead to strike 43 vehicles at a Juniper Street address.

A tally provided by the Atlanta Police Department revealed that in many cases the warning from law enforcement was heeded. The owners did not leave valuables visible. Yet, their windows were smashed as crooks launched a search in case there might be hidden valuables.

One owner did something police would not recommend. A thief discovered an extra house key inside one vehicle. Locksmith Clint Jones got an urgent call first thing Monday morning to re-key the residence.

In the past few weeks more than two hundred people have become victims of these smash and grab criminals.

In Buckhead, the zone commander, caught several when he set up a special detail leaving officers to stake out complexes which had been hit repeatedly. That tactic may need to be expanded to other areas in the city.