PHOTOS: Metro Atlanta tornado, severe storms crush cars, snap trees, take out power

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Tree falls through home, barely missing family

An EF-2 tornado in Conyers toppled a large tree, which cut a home in half. It barely missed the family who was sheltered inside.

Various parts of metro Atlanta and south Georgia are facing the aftermath of severe storms that ravaged the Peach State Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, the National Weather Service confirmed an EF-2 tornado with winds reaching 115 mph touched down in Rockdale County, evidenced by the trail of snapped trees, trapped residents and other devastation it left behind.

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FOX 5 Atlanta visited a series of sites across the state, surveying the damage.

DeKalb County


High winds brought down trees along Carriage View Place in Stonecrest.

Rockdale County

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Residents cleaning up after storm in Rockdale County

Residents and work crews are still cleaning up in Rockdale County after a severe storm went through the area on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

An EF-2 tornado left behind widespread damage in Rockdale County. Now, storm surveys and cleanup are underway.

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Hill Street

There were reports on Hill Street in Conyers that a fallen tree struck a woman in the head.

Power lines were downed.

Hurst Road

Around 7 a.m. Rockdale County officials were dispatched to fallen tree on Hurst Road where an elderly woman was possibly trapped. FOX 5 Atlanta has not independently confirmed this detail and whether anyone was injured.

McDaniel Mill Road

Rockdale County officials have warned residents to stay away from McDaniel Mill and Milstead roads where the tornado was believed to have touched down late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning.

The area was blocked off.

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Crews cleaning up after storms in Rockdale County

Crews are busy trying to clear blocked roads and more in Rockdale County after severe weather hit the county on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

"There are a couple houses with trees on top of them and there's no power in the whole neighborhood," a resident trying to get home during the storm told FOX 5. "I'm hoping that my house is okay, and I'm scared that it's not."

Sigman Road

A tree crushed a vehicle at Sigman Road NE and Renaissance Drive NE in Conyers.

Workers cleared the debris blocking the roadway just after midnight. It's not yet clear whether there was anyone in the car.

Sigman Road NE in Conyers (Credit: Pat Taylor)

South Georgia

Crisp County

The sheriff's office set up road closures on North Cedar Creek and Landing Road on Wednesday that specifically impacted residents in the Scenic Route/North Cedar Creek area.

Officials provided the following safety reminders for constituents:

  • If your structure remains undamaged, please remain indoors.
  • In case your structure is damaged and you require assistance or emergency services, dial 911 immediately. First responders are on standby to provide assistance.
  • We urge residents to refrain from unnecessary travel in the affected areas due to potential hazards such as damages and gas leaks.
  • Your cooperation is crucial in ensuring the swift and safe management of this situation. Please stay tuned for further updates and adhere to all safety instructions provided by the authorities.

As emergency management authorities assess the damage throughout the area, first responders are providing aid to those in need.

If you live in an affected area, you can check in at the Command Center at Lake Blackshear Baptist Church.