Medlock Park families scared after same man gets into at least three homes

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DeKalb County Police arrested a man for criminal trespass after neighbors woke up to find him standing in the hallway right outside their bedroom.

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Neighbors in Medlock Park said this isn't the first time this same man has broken into someone's home while they were inside.

Another woman told FOX 5 that she had just come into her home and went to lock the door, but a man had followed her inside and was standing in her living room. He left after her dog started barking, but she said the encounter was concerning.

For husband and wife Jesse Karlsberg and Lauren Bock, the man got into their home while they were fast asleep.

"I heard a man's voice, and I looked up, and there was a man standing in our hallway," bock said.

She said he walked right past the door where their 22-month-old daughter was sleeping.

The couple got up and asked the man to leave, but he told them his family owned this house.

"It just made us think, well there's something not right here ... this man didn't know why he was here," said Bock's husband Jesse Karlsberg.

Eventually, the couple got the man to leave, but they say he came back to the front door two more times that night.

After repeated tries to get the man to leave, the couple called DeKalb County Police. 

When officers arrived, they spoke with the man who they say wasn't "making sense."

The intruder was arrested for criminal trespass and taken in for a mental evaluation. 

Neighbors say since then, they've seen him around the neighborhood again.

"I feel bad for him, and I feel scared for him," said Bock. "If he wanders into someone else's home that wakes up faster with a better instinct to protect themselves, he could get hurt or someone else could get hurt , so that's really scary." she said.

The couple also worries that this man's behavior is only going to get worse.

"It's not the only time he's done this, but it's maybe picked up in recent months," said Karlsberg.

"We don't want it to escalate," said Bock.

They say many people in their area are scared and just want this man to get help before someone gets hurt. 

"He hasn't gotten violent yet, but the unpredictability with a small child around is not a good feeling," said Bock.