Masked Home Invaders Terrorize Family in Fulton Co.

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People living in a south Fulton County home fought off a band of home invaders overnight.

Residents in the house located in the 3000 block of Flat Shoals Road told FOX 5 they heard someone trying to break down the front door around 12:30 a.m.  Four adults, a woman and three men, along with three kids, including 9-year-olds and a 2-year-old, were home at the time. The adults rushed the kids to an upstairs bedroom, and then locked the door.  

Police said at least four men then burst into the home breaking a back window. They went upstairs, tried to get to people in the bedroom to unlock the door, even firing a shot at the one adult male resident who didn't make it inside.  

The home invaders kicked in the door, and more shots were fired. One man in the bedroom then wrestled with the gunman. He was left with gun powder on his shirt.  Another man ran to get help.  While the man who was outside the bedroom fought with two other home invaders.  Eventually, the attackers ran away; they were last seen in the back yard.

One of the victims said he and his brother lost about $300 in cash.  His debit card was also stolen.  He says it was used at a Fayetteville gas station, and that police hoped to use store surveillance video to id the suspects.

Detectives were seen removing a Playstation from the home, which the home invaders touched, and according to a victim tried to steal  

Police didn't get a suspect description, but residents tell us the home invaders covered their faces with bandanas.

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