MARTA: Bus driver 'sick out' continuing despite agreement

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With Super Bowl LIII causing high traffic and demand on Atlanta's streets, MARTA is still dealing with delays and inconveniences caused by a so-called bus driver "sick out."

Earlier this week, hundreds of bus drivers failed to show for work amidst a labor dispute, causing serious slowdowns for both bus and rail passengers.

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Thursday, MARTA and the transit union, which had previously say they have no reason to believe the drivers who called out aren't actually sick, agreed to a judge's order to stop any "illegitimate" sick-outs.

But on Sunday, despite the agreement, MARTA says the "sick-out" has continued.

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In total, a MARTA spokesperson on Sunday says there has been a total of 279 call outs by bus drivers since Thursday's court order. MARTA says that number "includes a combination of new and previously reported occurrences."

According to MARTA, 76 people called out sick Friday, 99 on Saturday, and 109 had called out by noon on Sunday. On Monday, 105 people called out sick.

MARTA is attempted to minimize delays by having supervisors operate buses for the time being. Transit officials believe there should be no impact on rail service.

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On Saturday, the transit union ratified a new three-year labor contract with MARTA, with 88 percent of the union's members approving the contract. MARTA's Board of Directors has not yet ratified the contract, though MARTA General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker has indicated in a statement that the transit agency approved the contract.

In the meantime, MARTA says it has "initiated an investigation" into the sick-outs.

The organization "will discipline employees found to have engaged in an illegal job action," the spokesperson said.