Man's courthouse escape attempt caught on camera

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An Atlanta man's desperate attempt to escape from the Fayette County Courthouse was caught on camera.

Police said 24-year-old Ronard Neal faces a slew of charges after allegedly bolting from custody and fighting with deputies in his mad dash out the courthouse. Two deputies received minor injuries and the sheriff said there was some damage to the courthouse as well. Deputies said it took a huge effort to keep Neal from escaping this building.

Sheriff Barry Babb said Neal was in big trouble with a judge when he appeared in court on Sept. 25. Officials said he did not show up the day before on theft and fleeing from police charges. The sheriff said he was in a red shirt when he was led out of the courtroom after the judge ordered deputies to take him into custody for failure to appear. At the courtroom door, there was already trouble. The video shows two people reacting to it.

The view from the surveillance camera on the other side of the door shows Neal slipping out of the deputies’ grasp. Then Neal and the deputies tumble in through another doorway into another courtroom. The alarm was apparent in the reaction of those inside.

Another camera, another doorway shows a deputy desperately trying to hold on to Neal, while he even more desperately tries to escape. He and the deputy flee down a stairway.

At the front door, Neal was seen scrambling under a turnstile with deputies and police officers in pursuit.

Then out the front door of the courthouse. There a Fayetteville Police officer tackles Neal. And it's over.

Back inside, the video shows deputies shaking off their injuries.

The sheriff said a door was damaged when Neal blundered into that packed courtroom.

Neal is facing felony obstruction, simple battery, escape and interference with government property, along with a bench warrant.

He ended up pleading guilty to the previous charges that brought him to court in the first place.