Manage the prices at the pump through 2 apps

When tensions between the US and Middle Eastern nations tighten, we naturally entertain the question, 'Will gas prices rise?' Well, a lot goes into the price at the pump, not just a single issue, so let's just be prepared if the numbers go up as we think about holiday travel down the road.

Good news for now though. According to AAA, gas prices in Georgia are declining. In fact, right now it's 34 cents lower than it was this time last year. The state's average as of September 24 was $2.58 a gallon. A little higher than that in the metro. 

Here are two apps that help you cut costs at the pump. First start with MapQuest. Yes, it gives you directions, but it also will tell you how much gas you're using going from point A to point B. From my office to a park eight miles out, it tells me that traffic is heavy and this trip will cost me 84 cents, one-way in gas. And finally, it shows me the best gas prices near that destination. It's Costco at $2.48 a gallon.

Here's another one: Gas Buddy. It's a highly rated app for both Android and iPhone. It's always been good for telling you nearby gas prices. But you can also use it to plan a trip and budget your fuel costs. And, it offers a card that you sign up for.

Gas Buddy claims when you tie your checking account to it and swipe the Gas Buddy card you can save. Here's an example. A trip to Bristol, Virginia will cost me from the office just more than $37 in gas. If you use the app's posted gas stops and the card, it claims more than $13 in savings.

Do you do it? Sure you can. Or, you can pay with a credit card that offers rewards on gas purchases. And pay it off at the end of the month. Poke around the sites and explore though. 

Finally, three things you can do to give yourself better gas mileage. Make sure your tires are not under-inflated. Fill up on Wednesday or Thursday before 10 a.m. If prices at the pump are to go up, it usually happens on a Thursday afternoon. Speeding costs more. Slow down.