Man tries to rob McDonald's at drive thru window, threatens to shoot employee

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A man pulled up to a McDonald's in Powder Springs, but he didn't order a burger and fries. Instead, he ordered the employee to give him some cash or he'd shoot. 

Alex Miller, 18, was working the drive-thru window when a man in a white van pulled up. Miller said the man handed him a McDonald's bag with a note.

"He handed me a bag with a note attached saying: 'Don't run or I'll shoot. Put all the money in the bag'," Miller said.

Apparently the guy makes the rounds of fast-food restaurants because he had a Burger King bag in his right hand.

"It was a bit odd that he did use a Burger King bag at a McDonald's robbery. Either there was a handgun and he wanted to cover it up with the bag or an attempt to feign an attempt to have a weapon to scare the cashier into complying with his wishes," said Powder Springs Police Major Dwayne Prosser. 

Miller wasn't about to find out if he had a gun or not. 

"I closed the window, and he was trying to open it, and I saw his hand move. That's when I ran to the front," Miller said.

Miller said the man kept trying to open the window from the outside, while employees inside were calling 911.

No one is certain how the would-be crook thought he'd pull off the heist. After all, he sent his demand through the window instead of going inside.  

"It doesn't seem like it was a well-planned-out attempt. Certainly not one that would yield optimal results to get cash illegally," Prosser said.