Man says he forgives robbery suspect who has threatened police

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A man who said he was robbed by a fugitive, who is the subject of a nationwide lookout following a standoff on Wednesday night, said he forgives his attacker and hopes he turns his life around.

Sean Casey, 33, said two men two men pulled a gun on him as he was walking home in Decatur in September of last year. Casey said after the men put a gun to his head and stole his backpack, cellphone and wallet, they forced him to lie on the ground and began kicking him in the head.

Casey said he was armed with a strong belief in God, which he believes got him through the attack with only minor cuts and bruises.

“I don't hold any grudges. I forgive him. It was an unfortunate situation,” Casey said.

Casey's wife agrees.

“Luckily, it panned out, my husband is safe and sound and I pray for the next person who encounters him,” Jenna Casey said.

DeKalb County Police said 24-year-old William McLeod is responsible for that and several other crimes. Investigators said he posted on social media that he would bring harm to police if confronted by them and posed for pictures holding several different guns. It is a threat Public Safety Director Cedric Alexander takes very seriously.

Police issued a nationwide lookout Wednesday for the armed robbery suspect. They ask anyone with information to Atlanta Crime Stoppers.