Man on the run after brutal assault on MARTA train

MARTA police are searching for a man after an assault on a MARTA train on Sunday. 

A video taken by someone on the train shows a man pull out a gun and point it at the victim. The man then hits and kicks the victim as he crouches down. 

Shanquisha Roberts is the sister of the victim, 35-year-old Anthony Hunter. She said she first saw the video when someone tagged her on Instagram. 

“It’s just hard to see your brother getting beat with a gun on Instagram over nothing," Roberts said. 

She said it was devastating to see the video and said her brother did not deserve to be attacked. 

“You can see in the video where he’s like backing down," Roberts said. And to continue to keep hitting with the gun that’s just like overwhelming for me. That’s too much. My brother's not a monster. He didn’t deserve any of that.”

The man ran away before the train stopped at the East Point station, but Roberts said she's thankful police were able to respond as quickly as possible. 

“When the doors do open, you can see Marta police is right there. I don’t know, there’s like panic buttons on the Marta trains so I’m sure that’s what happened because you can see people screaming and yelling in the background.”

MARTA police released this statement to FOX 5 News: 

"The MARTA Police Department has reviewed the video and is actively investigating this violent crime.

"This is an isolated incident which began as a verbal altercation between two individuals that unfortunately resulted in an assault. MARTA will not tolerate criminal activity on our trains or in our stations.

"The MARTA Police Department utilizes hundreds of sworn officers and a network of 15,000 cameras to monitor activity systemwide. We also appreciate our customers who report any suspicious or criminal behavior through the See & Say app.

"If you recognize the armed man in the video, contact MARTA Police by calling 404-848-4911."