Making the smart decision on your smartphone, TK Bay breaks it down!

Cell phone companies and smartphone manufacturers alike are working hard this holiday season to get you to go with their service and a shiny new device. But despite all of the marketing, how do you know which phone is actually the right one for you?

You know the saying, “it doesn’t take rocket science.” Well maybe it does, so we have YouTuber TK Bay here to show us some devices and help you make a smart decision on your smartphone. Oh yeah, his day job? He works for JPL, the same organization that just put a lander on Mars. Check out the video above, then hit the list below for all of the devices TK and Maria went through.


iPhone XS MAX, iPhone XR: iPhone’s line of devices starts at $750 and can go over $1,000.00

Pixel 3 XL is the top of the line phone in Google’s line up. It starts at $899 for the base model. If that’s a bit rich for your blood, you can always check out the Pixel 3 starting at $799. Verizon is the exclusive carrier partner for the Pixel, but you can buy them unlocked from Google’s online store.

Samsung Galaxy S9 PLUS is just one of a few phones in Samsung’s premium line up. These devices start at $720 and can go over $1,000 when you get into the Note line of phones.

OnePlus 6T (Thunder Purple) is a T-Mobile carrier exclusive and can be picked up for $580. What stands out for this device is the fact that it is the first U.S. smartphone to have its fingerprint reader under the display. In addition, you get premium phone specs in a device hundreds of dollars less than some of its competitors. You can also pick one up directly from OnePlus starting at $549.



Moto Z3 is a Verizon carrier exclusive and will be one of the first phones to work with 5G technology next year through a Moto Mod add-on that Motorola and Verizon said they will release in the first part of 2019. There’s a cheaper version of the Z3 on Motorola’s website that you can pick up for $400 but it only works on GSM carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile.  
HONOR VIEW 10 is a solid mid-level smartphone which can be picked up from Amazon for $470.


MOTO G6 is a great inexpensive phone if your budget is tight, or you’re looking for something for the tweens. You can pick one up on Motorola’s website direct, or you can head over to Amazon and grab one. The price is right for the family budget starting at $194 for the unlocked MOTO G6 Play edition GSM version, and $200 for the Verizon compatible device.  

HONOR 7X is another fine device for the family. Our Tech Producer has purchased two of these for his own children and they’ve stood up to teen boy abuse. You can buy these directly from Amazon or from Huawei’s website. The 7X comes equipped with many of the same features as more expensive phones but you can pick one up for $200.

The last phone TK talked about is the PALM. Think of it more as a phone companion than a standalone phone. It’s a Verizon exclusive so if you want to get into one, you’re going to need to be a customer of Big Red. Still TK was quite impressed with it, so if you’re on Verizon and you’re looking for something cute that fits a clutch, look no further.