Make your work out work in 2018

Each year millions of Americans make a resolution in the new year to get into shape, to get healthier, and year after year they fail.  

A few of the reasons we don't make the work-out resolution stick is because we don't really understand what we need. First. We go it alone.  Second. We set unrealistic goals.  And third, we can't find the time for it.  Well, we can fix those this by getting the right fitness fit.

One woman tells us, "The gym is so overwhelming with all of the equipment."

And then you have to squeeze in time for a work-out.

A working mom says, "Making time for a class, signing up for it then finding it sold out, that got expensive."

And there is always the routine of it that can get unappealing.

Another guy tells us, "Me, I get bored with things pretty quick."

But this year Brad, Kristy and Boo have made work-out decisions they think will stick because there are so many choices now that fit your lifestyle.

Big gyms. Specialized classes. And online options.

Kristy Campbell has a busy job in the medical field, a husband, and three children.  Juggling that, then trying to work out, can seem daunting.  So she tried something completely different for her and that is working out with an online trainer.

"Doing it from home, I can do it in the morning. I can do it in the evening. I can do it after the kids go to bed."

She can log onto her Team Beach Body account through her phone, computer or TV. There are so many different workouts to choose from - strength training, cardio, or maybe a quick, 10-minute workout. Whatever she feels like that day.  And if she's feeling a little lazy she can get a pep talk from her online work-out pals.

They post their workouts, and they check in with each other. You can dip in for the popular 21 Day Fix program for just more than $58.  Or sign up for a year for as low as $99.

Remember bored Brad?  

"I was looking for something really intense. Break a good sweat. I could get in, get out and get back to the office, "says Brad Thomas.

Well, he found it in Class Pass. Right now he's at The Forum Athletic Club taking a circuit training class. But he can go other places, too. You just buy a pass.  The mid-range one is five passes in a month for $55 to participating gyms.  

Pink Barre, a locally owned small chain, has class packages that are as low as $30 a week, or you can get in with your pre-paid Class Pass like Boo Brown did.  She likes the sign-up for classes element. It's an incentive to show up.

"I'm paying for it and if I don't go to the class I still have to pay," she says.

Mallory Hope Schwartz is a lead instructor there who is going help Ms. Brown get into shape for her wedding.

She says, "Barre is a mix of pilates, yoga, dance, core work isometric moves based on the ballet barre, inspired by the ballet barre, but more inspired by the isometric moves. A little bit of dance, a lot of music."

Whatever you choose, be honest with yourself about what you will do.  Make a list of realistic expectations.  

The Forum's owner and former Atlanta Falcon Roman Fortin sees lots of well-meaning folks coming into his gym each new year. His gym offers an annual contract, Class Pass admission or individual class programs. Here's his expert advice for making fitness a lifestyle not just a new year's resolution.

"Start off with baby steps and say, 'I'm going to work out twice a week.' Work that into a habit and start liking how you feel, start liking how you're looking, and then increase that to three days a week."

Next thing you know it's a habit.