Make summer travel simpler with 3 apps

It's vacation time, folks. And it feels good to look forward to time off. But, sometimes the planning can zap the fun out of it. A little anyway.

Here are a few tools to ease the stress:

Let me start by saying, I love intern season because they bring a fresh look to things, and they're on the front end of trends. So, I asked the FOX 5 I-Team intern to give us some ideas for making vacation prep easier. And Gabriela came back with some great ideas.

Busy airports. Busy schedules. They can certainly frazzle someone looking to get out of town to relax.  And often it starts with trying to get a good deal on a flight. Well, try an app called HOPPER. It's about getting the best flight deal. Put in your destination. Travel dates. A flight to St. Louis when I looked for this story was $261. But Hopper says I can do better. It recommends I wait to book and it will keep an eye on prices.  When prices drop, Hopper will alert me to the new price.

OK, getting to the airport. How early to you have to go? Check the MIFLIGHT app. Find your terminal and your wait time. 

Still, you might be crunched for time, so order your meal ahead with an app called GET GRAB.  Look up your terminal and order from a restaurant there. Pick it up as you dart to the gate.

If you can make one of these work, you've saved time.

One more perk. With Hopper, note a place you’d like to visit if the price is ever right. When cost dips into your comfort zone, you’ll be pinged.