Lithia Springs teacher goes above and beyond for student

A Lithia Springs teacher went above and beyond to help a student learn it’s okay to be different, and her act of kindness resulted in something much greater than she expected. 

Kinsie Johns, a third grade teacher at Anette Winn Elementary School, took to social media last month after one of her students said her third grade peers were picking on her over a hairdo. 

"One of my students had begun to wear her hair in what is now referred to as 'space buns,'" Johns told FOX 5. "She wore her hair like this on Tuesday and by Wednesday she was being called 'space girl.'" 

Johns said after a little planning, she decided to show up the next morning wearing the same hair-style as the little girl. 

"She was beaming when she saw me and the students noticed that our hair looked the same," Johns said. 

The teacher told FOX 5 a few of her students asked her why she was wearing her hair like the little girl, and she told each of them because "it's okay to stand out and be different."

Johns shared a picture of herself with the little girl, both wearing "space buns." She also shared a famous Dr. Seuss quote which states, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" 

The next day, Johns said there was an interesting turn of events at school. 

"The little point I was trying to make turned into a huge support for my little friend," she said. "All the girls in my class are wearing their hair in 'space buns' and even some of the boys got involved!"

Johns said the show of support turned into a really neat experience for her school. 

"They all wanted to support her and we even got some second graders involved!" 

FOX 5 learned about Johns' act of kindness through her husband, Ryan Johns. 

"It was cute, but more importantly resonated with a larger group of people on Facebook and Instagram about how teachers should be there for their students," Mr. Johns said. "I'm proud of my wife and how she loves her students."

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