Lifeguards, first responders honored for saving Hall County man's life

A special ceremony was held in Hall County Thursday for the lifeguards and first responders who helped save the life of a man who had a heart attack at the Frances Meadows Aquatic Center last month.

Mitch Teal had gone for a morning swim that might have cost him his life if not for the quick action of others.

Teal is a survivor and that is thanks to the quick work of the two lifeguards as well as the paramedics who responded to his medical emergency in the pool the morning of May 10.

Teal works as a jailer for the Hall County Sheriff’s Office. He’d gone for a swim with colleague Doug Anderson who is credited with getting his friend to the side of the pool when the emergency started.

Lifeguards Collin McAteer and Cailean Bice-Bay would deliver the three shocks from an AED to restart Teal’s heart.

Also, honored the first responders who took over the lifesaving care that helped Teal make it to the hospital. And the 911 dispatcher, Debbie Moore who played a critical role in getting emergency personnel to the scene.

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