Learn a vehicle's background with Georgia's 'VIN Check'

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With all of the rain and some flooding we've had around the southeast, it's important to know when buying a used car whether it's been under water. You might be not be aware, but Georgia offers a few services that you can put in your car hunting tool kit.

Let's start with your vehicle's identification number or VIN. That is the automobile's version of a social security number. It comes with a lot of information. The Department of Revenue offers a portal for running that VIN.  Here are three things you might want to learn from that identifying number through DO's "VIN Check." 

                                                                DOR's VIN Check
                                                                1. Salvaged
                                                                2. Flooded
                                                                3. Rebuilt

SALVAGED: This is a way to learn if that shiny used car was declared a loss at some point and has a salvaged title. FLOODED: VIN Check can help you determine if that auto has been underwater or has previous flood damage. REBUILT: This is also a good tool for determining if the vehicle has been rebuilt after being salvaged.

The state's link accesses approved data providers that loop into a national database. It's not free, but it's not pricey either. We're talking five bucks. These data providers meet federal reporting requirements so they are deemed safe sources. 

Now here is a free offering. Department of Revenue offers a free way to check a vehicle's registration and insurance status. This is a good place to check if you have recently switched insurance carriers and you want to make sure the state database is up to date, or just to do a periodic check.

So, get online and use it. It's your taxpayer money at work. So get your money's worth.

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