Lawsuit filed after Atlanta officer hits, kills man

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Attorneys representing the family of a man hit and killed by a police officer filed a lawsuit Monday against the city of Atlanta.

Marvin King, 59, died in August 2018 after he was hit by Atlanta Police Officer Ryan Chandler, 24 near the intersection of Washington Place and Newcastle Street. According to the Georgia State Patrol, Officer Chandler ran a stop sign and did not have his lights and sirens on at the time of the crash.

"Something very unusual happened in this case and that's what the police officer was actually cited," said Mike Webb, one of the family's attorneys. "That's very rare in these types of cases.  So, liability, in this case, is not an issue. The city of Atlanta needs to step up and make this right."

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Webb and co-counsel, Duncan Harle, said they have tried for months to reach a settlement with the city.  When they heard back from city officials earlier this month, they said their offer was "insulting." 

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of King's son, Corey Jones, seeks damages.

"They're a very tight-knit family and they all take care of each other. This is a big deal to them. This is a very significant loss to them," explained Attorney Duncan Harle. "You can never replace a life, but it does mean that at least there is some justice being served."

The city of Atlanta did not respond to a request for comment.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, their investigation into the incident is ongoing. They said Officer Chandler is still employed, but currently has non-enforcement status and does not arrest powers.

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