Lawrenceville Police search for bank fraud ring who stole $60,000 in cash

Lawrenceville Police are searching for nearly 10 suspects believed to be part of a bank fraud ring that stole more than $60,000 from mroe than 100 customers at Peach State Credit Union. 

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Newly released surveillance video shows the thieves installing a skimmer at the bank.

Days after the skimmer was installed, different people then withdrew cash over the next several weeks from customer accounts at ATM's across Metro Atlanta.

Police said this appears to be a sophistocated operation. "It definitely looks like this one is fairly organized in the way that they operate with different people having different jobs and operating relatively quickly," said Detective Kevin Dyals of the Lawrenceville Police Department.

"They would have had to have the equipment readily available to manufacture these new cards that they made to access these customers accounts," said Dyals.

The bank has surveillance video and photos of the suspects installing the skimmer and photos of each of the several suspects coming to withdraw cash. They are asking for the public's help identifying these people.

"It's just a matter of people being dishonest and stealing from hard working people and feeling like they have more of a right to their money than the people who work hard for it," said Detective Dyals.

The bank refunded the customers the lost money, but Lawrenceville Police say these victims are now also at risk for identity theft and further fraud.

"Nowadays, people just have to be careful checking the ATM's and look twice," said Dyals. "In this case, it appears that there was no way the customers could've known that comething was implanted inside the ATM."