Last of Former APS Educator Sentenced in Test Cheating Scandal

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Former APS educator Shani Robinson gave birth to her son Amari just days after a jury found the young mother and 10 other educators guilty of cheating.

Judge Jerry Baxter allowed Robinson maternity leave then, but now he says it  is time to face the punishment.

Robinson's sister tearfully begged for mercy.

"Like many fathers, I am sure that you made a vow to ensure that you would be there to provide everything that he needed,” said Patrice Williams who fought back tears before sighing and continuing with her statement. “Shani has made that very same promised and I ask that you allow her to keep it.”

But Judge Baxter noted the young mother rejected a plea deal that would have given her house arrest and no jail time.

"The evidence is overwhelming in this case. It is an ugly, ugly chapter. I hate being here today, Baxter said.

The Judge sentenced Robinson to five years to serve one. Then it was on to retired Gideons Elementary School principal Almstead Salters, who the judge accused of lying under oath.

The state was willing to give the 76-year-old a pass for changing his story under oath, but the judge was not.

"I believe Mr. Salters will express a degree of remorse," said prosecutor Clint Rucker.

"A degree of remorse? It was one of the worst lying episodes I have ever seen in court; after he made a deal with y’all to give truthful testimony. Then he got up and completely lied on the witness stand under oath and it made me sick," Judge Baxter exclaimed.

Salters read an apology and even told the judge he had completed 1,000 of community service, but it appeared to be too little too late.

You could hear a pin drop in the courtroom when the judge sentenced the popular, retired educator to jail for eight straight weekends, for lying under oath. Salters’ sentence begins this Friday.

Lastly, many of the convicted educators have run out of money and told the judge they will likely need a court appointed attorney for their appeal. The trial transcript alone will cost $33,000.