Kennesaw police warn of scammers impersonating them

Kennesaw police are looking for the person behind several reports of scam phone calls in the town earlier this week.

On the other end of the line, police said the scammers told the would-be victims that the Kennesaw police have a warrant for their arrest and all they had to do was send gift cards to make it all go away.

“Remember, NO government agency will ever call and have a warrant taken care of over the phone, especially using gift cards,” a news release from the department said.

Officer Scott Luther, a spokesperson for the Kennesaw Police, said that none of the three residents who reported it fell for it. Luther added that they never ask for gift cards – nor do they call people to let them know they have active warrants.

"We will not call them and say, 'hey, just wanted to let you know you got a warrant but you can take care of this over the phone,’” Luther said. “That is impossible."

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Luther said the three residents who reported it did the right thing by calling the department directly.

"Call that government agency directly and ask questions," he said. "If it makes you feel uncomfortable or there's something weird about it, trust your gut."

In one instance, Luther said the scammer ended up hanging up on the would-be victim when they started asking questions. He added that if you feel comfortable, get as much information as you can from the caller, including the supposed officer’s name and badge number, and then report it to the police.