Judge Calls Online Dating Site rapist Devin Hartman a "predator"

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Prosecutors say he played the part of a clean-cut suitor, until he drugged and raped a woman he met online.

And, a jury agreed convicting Mableton father of three, Devin Hartman of rape and aggravated sodomy.

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During the sentencing phase of his week and half long trial, his victim, whose name we are not using because it is a sex crime, told him: “You picked the wrong person.”

The victim testified that Hartman’s rape nearly destroyed her life that she is putting back together day by day.

“I'll never get my old life,” the 27 year old nurse said, “I can't pretend this didn't' happen to me.”

During the trial prosecutors Edward Chase and Lauren McCauley showed Devin Hartman would go onto on-line dating sites, use fake names like Zach Anderson, to prey on unsuspecting women.

He was charged with raping one woman, but four others testified during the trial that they met him through an online dating site and he sexually abused them.

Three of the five women said they believed Hartman slipped them a date rape drug.

Hartman showed little emotion during the sentencing until his wife pleaded for leniency.

His wife told the judge “I don't believe he committed a crime, I know he did commit adultery.”

Devin Hartman was still whimpering when Judge Constance Russell lowered the boom, calling him a “predator” who destroyed the lives of multiple women in the community.

Judge Russell sentenced Hartman to two consecutive life sentences, meaning the 40 year father will be eligible for parole in 60 years.

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